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Brandable Mobile App Game development

Fat Santa AndroidAre you thinking about branded games not only for the web but also for mobile devices? We are able to easily convert most of the Flash games available on this site into iOS and Android game apps - complete with scoretable. Some of our games are already converted such as Fat Santa iOS, Fat Santa Android, Snowman Skiing iOS, Snowman Skiing Android and Kawaii Christmas iOS and available for licensing and rebranding immediately.

A brandable mobile app-game or reworked Flash game can be a lot lower cost than having an entire app game developed from scratch and with our experience at getting things up and running in the two stores, you can soon have your own mobile table/phone app out there, spreading your brand.

Kawaii Christmas iOSWeb-iOS-Android Game-App triple package

Why not cover all bases and offer your users a web version in Flash, and links to an iOS version and Android version in the app stores if they're on a mobile device? The three version can even share one scoretable.

The triple package can be a cost effecitve way of reaching the entire audience, as all three versions run from 90% of the same code. Contact us for more information on the app-game triple package.

App games source code

For all the games on Galaxy Arcade, the source code is available for you to buy, allowing you or your designers full access to the code routines, functions, algorithms, graphics and sounds to customise as you wish, for your own project or that of your client. Contact us for more information on the app-game source code.

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