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Brandable game - Speed Camera Killer.

Speed Camera Killer : The most successful viral game on the site. On the sister site of Galaxy Graphics, Speed Camera Killer 2 has now had over five and a half million players, and it's also the most played and passed-on game on Galaxy Arcade.

Your site can benefit from the attraction of Speed Camera Killer - especially if you're in the business of selling related products or services, such as radar detectors, photo blocker, car parts, car customisation or other motoring products... although the game will bring traffic to any kind of website, such is the power of people's dislike of speed cameras.

In addition to adding your logo to the game's title screen, why not go for further branding? Roadside advertisement boards can carry your company logo, as could the tops of the passing trucks.

Players all over Europe love this game, the number of visits it receives is a testament to its enduring popularity. The UK, France, Belgium and Holland are amongst the highest numbers of visitors, due to the prevalence of the Gatso, Truvelo and Mobile speed cameras in these countries.

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How to destroy a speed camera

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