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Brandable game - Drift Racing

Driving games are always very popular, and drift racing is a growing sport. This game allows the player to drift race a variety of cars around a course against a timer.

There are 8 cars to choose from, including the popular drift racing car the Nissan Silvia and some of the most recognisable rally cars of the last decade including the Subaru Impreza WRX and the Lancia Stratos. There are 3 tracks to choose from: road, snow and desert. All tracks come equipped with a fastest lap score table which can be adapted to any website with a database on the server. The game engine itself is robust and allows for many related games based around this one engine.

Ideas for customising this game

  • Add new cars or vehicles, with your logo as sponsor
  • Change the car to something entirely different such as a skier
  • Rebrand all the roadside adverts with your logo or message
  • Add your company logo / branding to the title screen
  • Change the entire track and location of the race

Drift Racing Source code (Actionscript)

Like the other games on Galaxy Arcade, the Actionscript source code for this driving game is available for you to buy, allowing your own designers full access to the Actionscript routines, functions, graphics and sounds to customise as you wish, for your own website or that of your client.

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