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Brandable game - F-Sprint Formula 1

Driving games are always very popular, and Formula 1 is the pinnacle of global motorsport. This game features an enhanced version of the Drift Racing game engine, with the ability to have other computer controlled cars on the track at the same time. You can even knock them off-course !

There are 6 cars to choose from, some of the most popular teams and liveries from the last 20 years of F1, including Nigel Mansell's 1992 Williams and Fernando Alonso's 2006 Renault.

F-Sprint come equipped with a fastest lap score table which can be adapted to any website with a database on the server. The game engine itself is robust and allows for many related games based around this one engine.

Ideas for customising F-Sprint Formula 1

  • Add new F1 cars or vehicles, with your logo as sponsor
  • Change the car to something entirely different such as a bobsled
  • Rebrand all the trackside advert boards with your logo or message
  • Add your company logo / branding to the title screen
  • Change the entire track and location of the race

To play : The game uses the cursor keys and shift to control the car. Drive your chosen Formula 1 car around the rack as fast as you can, using the "TURBO" symbols to help your speed, and avoid spinning on the "OIL" symbols.

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