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Brandable game - Slam Dunk Kebab

Slam Dunk Kebab is an "urban" reworking of the "baskets" style of game. The player has 60 seconds to score as many baskets as they can - which in this instance is how many kebabs they can throw into the wheelie bin located at the end of the street.

In order to keep things more tricky, the wheelie bin changes it's horizontal position each time there's a new throw. Missed kebabs are left on the street. Graphical touches include animated flies around the bin and street rubbish, and an animated kebab slicer in the shop behind.

Ideas for customising this game

  • Change to sports theme, such as basketball
  • Change the kebab to an unwanted product/feature
  • Change the players clothes to match your company ID.
  • Change the target
  • Add your company logo / branding to the title screen

Slam Dunk Kebab source code (Actionscript 3.0)

Like the other games on Galaxy Arcade, the Slam Dunk Kebab source code is available for you to buy, allowing your own designers full access to the Actionscript routines and graphics to customise as you wish, for yourselves or your clients. This game is writen entirely in Actionscript 3.0.

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