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Brandable game - Network Nazi

Network Nazi is a simple shooting game where the player sits in the middle of the screen, fending off the IT people that repeatedly try to shut down his internet facilities. The game is at heart a shooting game, and therefore can be adapted for many other themes - Nazis don't even have to come into it.

The origins and viral properties of this game are borne in the frustration that a typical office worker might have with the corporate IT department - the kind of people that shut down pretty much everything a user tries to do with the internet. The game supplies a form of revenge, in the form of a Vickers .303 inch machine gun and an endless supply of cannon-fodder IT workers. Controls and gameplay are simple - left, right and shoot (space bar).

Ideas for customising this game

  • Brand the player's avatar, Enemies clothes etc.
  • Add your company logo / branding to the title screen
  • Change the player, enemies and background to make a whole new
    game built on this engine.

Actionscript 2.0 Flash source code for Network Nazi game.

Like the other games on Galaxy Arcade, the Network Nazi Flash source code (fla) is available for you to buy, allowing your own designers full access to the Actionscript routines and graphics to customise as you wish, for yourselves or your clients.

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