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Brandable game - "Bird Flu" shooting game.

Whilst the theme of this shooting game is chickens and bird flu, it can easily be rebranded as something else. The game shares many similarities with "Weapons Inspector"The main concept of the game engine is shooting things that move across the screen, using the crosshair. What runs across the screen is up to you.

Ideas for customising this game

  • Change all of the backgrounds and characters to make a whole new game
  • Use advertising boards in the game's scenery to promote your business
  • Add your company logo / branding to the title screen

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Bird Flu Source code (Actionscript)

Like the other games on Galaxy Arcade, the Actionscript source code for this game is available for you to buy, allowing your own designers full access to the Actionscript routines, functions, graphics and sounds to customise as you wish, for your own website or that of your client.

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