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Brandable 3D game - Shooting Range.

Shooting RangeThe first game to be produced by Galaxy Graphics that uses 3D - in this case the open source Away3D engine. Shooting range is a simple point and shoot game, but with all the graphical polish and realism that the true 3rd dimension brings.

Neat graphical touches include the 3D showing through the bullet holes in the title screen, and the camera gliding across the room when the hi-scores button is clicked.

Ideas for customising this game

  • Brand the crates, targets and walls in the 3D scene
  • Brand the title screen and hi-scores page.

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Shooting Range source code (Actionscript 3.0)

Like the other games on Galaxy Arcade, the Actionscript source code for Shooting Range is available for you to buy, allowing you or your designers full access to the Actionscript routines, functions, algorithms, graphics and sounds to customise as you wish, for your own project or that of your client. This game is written entirely in Actionscript 3.0.

This game also relies on some free open source Actionscript, the Away3D libraries and the Caurina Tweener libraries. These are easily found on goole or links to them can be provided.

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