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Brandable game - Road Rage.

The simple theme of driving/shooting and avoiding obstacles leds itself to many scenarios, and Road Rage has spawned many adaptations and variants for a wide variety of customers and websites. Re-themed versions include a Vegas game and a robbery getaway.

The car, roadside graphics and gameplay are easily tailored to your needs. You could even have then entire graphic suite changed to make this into a space shooter instead.

Imagine the visits you'd get from a viral campaign tied to a current event... had this game existed at the time of the OJ Simpson Ford Bronco escape, it could have been revised in a matter of hours, and then soon spreading your website link from inbox to inbox as people pass on a game that is right up to date with current events.

In addition to adding your logo to the game's title screen, why not go for further branding? Roadside advertisement boards can carry your company logo, as could the tops of the passing trucks.

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