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Retro-gaming nostalgia: MB Pacman Board Game

Strictly it's not a videogame at all, but "the family version of the arcade game". Meaning more than one person can play at once. This was one of my Christmas present one year, and how I looked forward to it. Sadly it doesn't recreate the arcade game's excitement at all, and unless you can enlist one parent/friend or more, there's not a lot you can do with it alone. And to be honest if you're playing it with friends, everyone wants to be the "true" yellow Pacman, not the mutant weird coloured ones. Still, it makes nice photographs, as below.

Webmaster, 6th March. 2011

Pacman board game
Above: The MB Pacman Board Game box

Pacman board game
Above: The MB Pacman Board Game inside box tray and game board

Pacman board game
Above:Exciting eh?

Pacman board game
Above: More excitement

Pacman board game

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